Midwest City Approves Burn Building Bid From Lonestar

Lonestar Tactical Buildings is proud to be working with Midwest City on the development of their new fire training burn building.

Fire Chief Bert Norton said they tried to obtain quotes from three additional companies, but the Houston-based company, Lonestar was the only one to provide them with a bid.

The Fire Chief went on to say, “I feels good about working with Lonestar based on visits with their company representatives and after reviewing their products.”

The contract was awarded to Lonestar Tactical Buildings on June 28th and is officially in progress.

To read the full article visit https://www.centraloklahomaweeklies.com/2022/07/04/council-approves-4-million-in-bids-for-police-and-fire-training-facility/

The original design image for the new Midwest City police and fire training facility and burn building. Provided by Midwest City.